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Summer 2017 Bowling Schedule
Join and bowl 2 guaranteed summer leagues and your OPEN PLAY is FREE!!
(Some limitations do apply - check at front desk for full details)

X(mixed),M(men's),L(ladies) / H(handicap), and S(scratch) / # of players per team


Monday 5:50pm Dublin Cruisers X/H/3's May 15th May 15th @ 5:30pm
6:25pm Christian Fellowship X/H/3's May 15th May 15th @ 5:30pm
7:00pm Jubilee X/H/4's May 15th May 15th @ 6:30pm
8:00pm Monday Madness (singles) Match Play May 15th May 15th @ 7:45pm

Tuesday 10:00am Match Play Madness Match Play (Singles) May 16th May 16th @ 9:30am
6:25pm Lucky Strikers X/H/4's May 16th May 16th @ 5:30pm
6:45pm Reno Trip League X/H/4's May 16th May 16th @ 6:15pm
7:00pm Brunswick Trios X/H/3's May 16th May 16th @ 7:00pm

Wednesday 9:30am California Rollers X/H/3's May 24th May 24th @ 9:00am
12:25pm Earls Pearls (Seniors) X/H/4's May 24th May 24th @ 11:30am
6:25pm 4 Leaf Clovers X/H/4's May 17th May 17th @ 5:30pm
6:25pm Wednesday Wonders X/H/5's May 17th May 17th @ 5:30pm
6:30pm Summer Nisei Invitational X/H/3's May 17th May 17th @ 6:00pm

Thursday 9:30am Bowling Belles L/H/2's May 18th May 18th @ 9:00am
6:25pm Santa Rita Emp. Closed Company League May 18th May 18th @ 5:45pm
6:25pm Thursday Mixers X/H/4's May 18th May 18th @ 5:45pm
7:00pm PBA Strike Force Doubles
-Sport Condition League-
Adult/Youth 2's June 1st June 1st @ 6:30pm

Friday 10:00am 570 Scratch Trios X/S/3's May 19th May 12th @ Noon
12:25pm Seniors & VIPs (guests) X/H/4's May 19th May 19th @ 11:30am
7:00pm PBA Experience League X/H/3's May 19th May 19th @ 6:15pm

Brief League Explanations


Dublin Cruisers: A fun trios league! It's a handicap league, and teams may be comprised of all women, all men, or mixed teams.
Christian Fellowship: Community churches unite for summer fun! Handicap trios.
Jubilee League: The whole league goes to Reno to participate in tournaments September 29th, 30th and October 1st, 2017 at the Reno National Bowling Stadium. This tournament paid out over $20,000 in 2016!!
Monday Madness Match Play: One on one handicapped match play. Bowl 2 different opponents each night (2 games each). Outside money donated to prize fund. First Place to pay $180.00. *Based on 16 weeks and 20+ bowlers.


Match Play Madness: One on One handicapped match play. Open to men and women.
Lucky Strikers: 4 on a team mixed or not!! Just have fun!! Great friends meet here.
Reno Trip League: Mixed 4's, bowl through the summer and whole league goes to Reno on December 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2017 for a tournament at the Reno National Bowling Stadium. This will be a singles tournament and 1st place will pay $1,000.00! Awesome fun and a great get away weekend.


California Rollers: Great summer fun. Mixed handicapped league.
Earls Pearls: For seniors (must be at least 50 years young). Great way to stay young and active!!!.
4 Leaf Clovers: Fun new handicap mixed 4's league for anyone. Any average may join (beginners welcome)!!!
Wednesday Wonders: A handicapped summer league. Loads of competition and lots of fun.
Summer Nisei Invitational: A fun handicap mixed trios league! Everyone welcome!.


Bowling Belles: Join our ladies and unwind and have fun this summer. 2 ladies make a team.
Thursday Mixers: Mixed 4's, competitive but fun mixed handicap league.
Strike Force (Adult/Youth sport condition league):  Doubles league on challenging PBA lane paterns


570 Scratch Trios: Three makes a team. Scratch bowling open to men and women. Team entering average may not exceed 570. Great daytime competition
Senior & VIP's: A great senior handicap league.
PBA Experience League: Trios format with PBA oil patterns for league play. Improve your skill level!

Earl Anthony's Dublin Bowl will be hosting
the following events in 2017 season:

Earl Anthony Memorial PBA Regional Tournament - April 7th - 9th, 2017
Pro-Ams will be Friday April 7th & Saturday April 8th...for info call (925) 828-7550 and ask for Jamie Celotti, Peter Hagin or Chuck Holland

Earl Anthony Memorial Jr. Fall Classic Scholarship Tournament - September 23-24, 2017
(presenting over $4000.00 in scolarship awards)

Monthly Saturday 6 Game Gold Pin Scratch Tournaments
(Over $12,000 paid in prize fund, brackets, and side pots last year)

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